Foundation & Subfloor

  • In order to prevent the need for a messy concrete slab & foundation work, all our units are built on top of Rika Blocks which are positioned on small, compacted gravel footings. This allows the unit to be cleanly & easily erected, free from contact with the ground providing an excellent moisture barrier and keeping the unit further away from pests.

  • All the rough framing for the flooring system is constructed from 152 x 50mm planed CCA-treated timber as it is exposed to the outside environment spaced every 400mm on centre.

  • The floor is sheathed with a 21mm exterior shutter ply to provide a sturdy base.

Rough Framing & Exterior

  • The base model unit's walls are constructed using 76 x 38mm planed pine timbers with studs spaced every 600mm on centre. This can be upgraded for additional structural support (for Solar roof installations as an example) or to accommodate thicker wall sound and/or thermal insulation. The upgraded walls are constructed using 114 x 38mm planed pine timbers with studs spaced every 400mm on centre.

  • The wall exterior is sheathed with 18mm OSB and then a second skin of 9mm Nutec building planks which is manufactured from a combination of Portland cement, silica & organic fibres, and do not contain any asbestos fibres. This modern building material has considerable strength and will not deteriorate with age. Nutec building planks are unaffected by moisture and can therefore withstand the harshest South African weather conditions.

  • The textured panels can then either be varnished to give a wood-finished look, or plain panels can be used and painted with Fired Earth - Severe Weather exterior paint for a smooth modern finish.

  • Standard sliding aluminium door and window panels are used in all base units.

  • Optional Nutec Trim can be used additionally as door and window casings for the corners of the unit as well as along the bottom edge of the walls to give a more modern aesthetic.


  • The base model's roof framing, blocking and rafters, are constructed with 114 x 38mm planed pine timbers spaced every 1200mm on centre and are joined using the Kreg joinery system. If it is intended that Solar PV panels are to be added either immediately or in the future, a structural upgrade is recommended. The upgraded roof structure is constructed using 152 x 38mm planed pine timbers with rafters spaced every 600mm on centre.

  • The base model's roofs are covered using Std. IBR sheeting.

  • Alternatively, this can be upgraded to Colourbond Klip-Lok 700 roof sheeting. This roofing method is unique in that it has NO surface screw penetration, which means NO holes, therefore NO chance of future leaking and/or corrosion points.

  • The Klip-Lok 700 system has solar clamps specifically designed to securely hold PV panels without the need to pierce the roof sheeting, which adds to the longevity of the roof system.

  • Both roofing systems come in several colour options bonded to the metal, so no additional painting is required.

  • Apex and side flashings are used to give a modern finish to the roof.

  • A soffit can be added to enclose the bottom exposed area of the roof to keep out unwanted birds and/or rodents from nesting.

Interior Finishing

  • The interior walls can be sheathed with 12mm Plasterboard and painted with Fired Earth - Whispers Interior paint.

  • The floor can be finished with either premium vinyl or laminated wood flooring along with Meranti Skirtings.

  • A PVC Ceiling can be installed with polystyrene cornices. PVC ceilings are suggested due to its durability & other remarkable features being water repellent, fire retardant and its cleanability due to it not requiring paint, to name a few.


  • Optional additional layers can be added underneath the chosen floor finish, being a 10mm soft board with a 3mm hardboard skin to insulate it further and give a less "hollow" tone to the wooden floor when walking.

  • Optional thicknesses of Mineral-wool thermal - acoustic insulation can be used throughout all walls and the ceiling. 75 or 100mm options are available for the walls and 75, 100 or 150mm options are available for the ceiling. The "pink stuff" is not an option. Click here to see why.

  • As standard glass doors & windows cover a large surface area and offer no thermal or acoustic insulation, optional industrial double glazing can be added to the sliding door and window panels to ensure complete insulation.

  • All in all, whether you want to keep the temperature easily maintained or would like to keep noise from getting either in or out, the options above will solve these issues altogether. Think workshop, play/games room or even a place to have band practice!

Electrical & Solar

  • In keeping with our product's longevity and low maintenance in mind, LED lighting is used in the optional electrical installation along with the required DB, conduit, plug points, light switches, etc.

  • Fitment of a split unit inverter AC system is also possible.

  • An option is available to fit all required components such as a DC combiner DB, AC Changeover DB, conduit, inlet and outlet points in order to make your unit Solar Ready.

  • All the units are designed to have a specific size roof to accommodate either 9, 12 or 16 PV solar panels. Also, 3 or 5kW inverters can be used depending on the power requirement. Batteries can be added if the system needs to run through load shedding or completely off the grid. These systems can be designed and quoted specifically to your needs on request.

In General

  • NO nails are used for anything. Everything is screwed together using the latest self-drilling TORX driven SPAX screws.

  • All materials chosen are done so, keeping low maintenance requirements in mind and ensuring that the construction will last a lifetime.